Who’s the man behind the beard? Meet your host Aiden Darling Harbour

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Aiden Darling Harbour

Who’s the man behind the beard? Meet your host

When given the opportunity to manage a boutique Sydney hotel built by travellers for travellers, like a moth to a flame, Aiden Darling Harbour’s General Manager, Michael Sharp knew he was born for the gig.


Michael Sharp, GM of Aiden Darling Harbour


Stay with us and you’ll likely bump into Michael Sharp at some point – whether it’s in the lobby as he helps you with your bags, in Wayfarer’s Bar and Cafe as he pours you a wine, or in the laneways of Pyrmont as he points out the best parts of the neighbourhood to explore.


As our General Manager, he will seemingly be in many places at once! 


But who is the man behind the beard really? Read on to discover a little more about your host. 


What type of traveller are you?

I would call myself a man of adventure! I like to cram as much into a holiday as possible, to really make the most of every moment. Travelling that way isn’t for everyone, but it’s how I like to see and experience the world.


Where was the last place you took a holiday?

My last big overseas trip was a three-week vacation in the US. It was my first time back there as an adult and I absolutely loved it. New York was by far my favourite city to explore. It really is the city that never sleeps, with everything you need, any time day or night. Locally in Australia, Port Macquarie is one of my favourite places to get to. It has such a warm atmosphere created by the great weather and friendly locals, and its beaches are amazing all year round.



What’s your fondest travel memory?

It would have to be a family trip to the happiest place on Earth: Disney World in Florida.


What’s the one thing you always pack for any trip?

For me, a good pair of trainers is a must. I like to pound the pavement and discover a destination on foot. I find it’s the best way to explore a new place.


What’s top of your bucket list?

I would love to go to Japan. I was booked and ready to go in 2020 just before the Covid pandemic hit, so it’s top of my agenda as soon as we can travel overseas again.


Are you a dog or a cat person?

Dog person, always. I have a Spoodle puppy called Bella. She’s the best companion! I got her while I was in New Zealand and she’s travelled with me ever since.



How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?

I know how controversial this question can be. I am Team No Pineapple but if it’s the last pizza at a party I’ll have a slice or two.


Where is home for you?

I’m lucky to live in Pyrmont just a few streets from the hotel, and only 30 minutes from where I grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, so I know (and love) this city well. I’ve worked in hotels my whole career and have been lucky enough to call many parts of Australia and New Zealand home, from Port Macquarie to Wellington. But there’s nothing like being back in my hometown.


What do you love about Sydney?

I love all the things that Sydney has to offer, such as the natural landscapes, the food scene and the people to name a few. Living in New Zealand for five years, I’d often find myself daydreaming about the beach and Aussie sun (the water in NZ was always way too cold for me to swim in!).



What’s your go-to for breakfast?

I’m partial to a bacon and egg roll. Rumilicious on Jones Bay Wharf is my go-to on my weekend walks around the harbour.


What’s the best place to get a coffee in Pyrmont?

Is this a trick question?! Our Wayfarer’s Bar and Café of course! But if I’m out and about, there’s a small café called Ministry of Coffee on Miller Street here in Pyrmont. The coffee there is always creamy and flavoursome and the staff are friendly and welcoming. A few of our other favourites in the area can be found here.


Best sunset spot?

There’s a stunning rooftop bar in nearby Millers Point called Henry Deane, where you can soak up an almost 360-degree view of Sydney and the harbour. Definitely worth a visit if you’re from out of town or if you want to impress a special someone.


Best way to spend a sunny day?

It’s a bit of an Australian cliche but you can’t beat a summer’s day at the beach or by the water. And a barbeque with friends is always a winner.


And what about a rainy one?

Cuddling up to Bella on the couch watching a movie and ordering takeaway from Northern Chinese Noodle Restaurant just 200m from the hotel. They make their own noodles and dumplings, and their noodle soup is perfect on a cold rainy day.


Michael Sharp, general manager, Aiden Darling Harbour


Do you have any whacky guest stories to share?

There’s too many whacky stories to pick just one. There are varying degrees of nudity (guests being locked out out their room in their birthday suit) to guests arriving a month earlier than their booking date. 


What’s your insider’s tip about getting the most out of a stay at Aiden Darling Harbour?

Talk with your hosts. They have all the greatest Sydney tips and tricks to suit every taste. They’re travellers too and want guests to have the same great experiences they also look for when travelling, so you can be sure they’ll come up with some gems.


What three emojis best describe you?



What three emojis best describe Aiden Darling Harbour?





If you have any questions for Michael, drop him a line: gm@aidendarlingharbour.com.au.

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