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Features & Facilities

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Come and experience a hotel of the now, one which is creative with space, innovative with tech, crafty with staff and clever with features so your stay is packed with everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Unwind in our smartly designed shared space on the ground floor, which is a mix between lobby, cafe, bar and lounge.

Breeze along with mobile check-in, digital room entry, mobile keys and complimentary super speedy Wi-Fi.

Most of all, be our guest. It’s your stay, do it your way. Our team of intuitive multitasking hosts are at the ready to be your second pair of hands, but only if you need.


Your space, your sanctuary. Here you can check in/checkout, shake off your coat/luggage/children, park yourself down in one of our comfy chairs/stools/lounges, fire up your laptop/phone, order the entire menu/don’t order a thing, sit solo in silence/laugh ludicrously loud with your brood of mates/colleagues/entourage, spend a few seconds/spend the day. Just give us a shout if you need anything.


Easy, delicious food and drink to fuel you when you need a pick-me-up – that’s what Wayfarer’s is all about. Wake up with a wholesome breakfast paired with an eye-poppingly good Wayfarer’s coffee, or wind down with a wonderful Australian wine and a few snacks. And if you want to sneak a couple of bottled cocktails up to your room to sip on in bed, go for it. We won’t stop you. We’re all adults here.

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An absolute must-have for any stay, enjoy free and easy access to high-speed wi-fi around the clock, wherever you are in the hotel.


Walk into our lobby and check yourself in (or out) with a few touches of a screen, with our contactless check-in kiosks.


You can park your wheels directly opposite the hotel at Wilson Parking Harbourside Car Park at 50 Murray Street and access a special discounted rate for hotel guests of $55 per car per day (single entry). You can pre-pay when you book your room or charge to your room and pay when you check out. See a map and more details here.

Complimentary sparkling water

Quench your thirst anytime, day or night, with premium free-flowing sparkling or still water from Moda. We have it on tap at a refill station on every accommodation floor. Simply fill your own bottle up, or grab one of the glasses or stainless steel bottles from your room to fill, and you’re away! Did we mention it’s complimentary?


A little change can make a big difference. Your room comes equipped with a recycling bin, refillable luxury bathroom amenities, refillable glass water bottles, and eco-friendly laundry bags and slippers. Packaging used in the cafe and bar is biodegradable wherever possible. The hotel itself has been constructed using many recycled materials, keeping the original heritage features intact. Find out more on how to enjoy a sustainable stay at our hotel here.


Enjoy access to exclusive benefits and room rates when you become a member of Best Western Rewards, one of the largest hotel loyalty programs in the world, with 44 million members and counting. It’s free to join, points never expire and you can redeem free nights worldwide.

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Orchestrate your best sleep ever with our sleep ritual program bringing together a winning formula of features: super comfy bed, pillow menu, double-glazed windows, blackout blinds and complete air-conditioning temperature control.

And to add something a little extra, ask for our Rituals pillow & body mist.

Safe and sound

With fresh harbourside breezes outside, it makes sense to know you can breathe easy inside too, with MERV-13 (or F7) air-conditioning filters installed throughout the hotel to filter out any nasties from the air and deliver fresh, clean air into our rooms. There are also hydroxyl molecules in the mechanical system – a FDA (US) approved technology which runs 24/7 and may assist in neutralising volatile organic compounds and microbial particles (including COVID-19). Moreover, our digitally connected set up means a mobile experience for check-in and accessing your room. And in addition to enhanced deep cleaning procedures, we have added antimicrobial films over lift buttons and door handles, while hand wipes and sanitisers are readily available throughout the hotel. Plus always feel safe and secure in your stay, with digital room key access, 24-hour reception and after hours access by room key only.


Uncover the many stories of our neighbourhood, past and present, in fascinating artworks throughout the hotel.

Put simply, we love art. It permeates our hotel, imbuing our spaces with the personality, character and beauty of the people and places behind each work.

From the hotel’s inception, we wanted to peel back the many layers of history our site is steeped in, and showcase some of the lesser known stories of our locale. And what better way to share these stories than through beautiful art works and creative flourishes dappled throughout?



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