Meet your host | General Manager | Luther La

Meet your host | General Manager | Luther La
Aiden Darling Harbour

Meet your host: Luther

A natural when it comes to uncovering the hidden secrets of a city, our General Manager Luther La not only ensures an excellent hospitality experience, he will help you on your exploration of Sydney too.



You may know that our boutique hotel has been designed for travellers by travellers, but did you also know it’s run day-to-day by travellers too?


A city explorer and lover of the big smoke buzz, our multilingual General Manager Luther has plenty of experience living and travelling through different cities across the globe. He brings his natural skills for urban exploration to our hotel to share with you, our guest, to help find your way in Sydney, seeking out experiences which fit your interests, discovering hidden gems along the way.


Read on to uncover more about your host.


What type of traveller are you?


I’m quite a flexible traveller and enjoy all types of trips. I love exploring the concrete jungle of big cities where it’s lively and fast-paced – you never run out of activities to do. A shopping trip is always a good treat! But I also enjoy quiet coastal trips with my dog, breathing in fresh air and soaking up the sun. 



What’s your fondest travel memory?


I could never forget the time I went to Seoul in Korea and Osaka in Japan. Some of my fondest travel memories were made on this journey. And the hospitality experiences in both cities inspired me to venture into the hotel industry.


Where was the last place you took a trip?


To take a breather from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, I went on a day trip to Manly here in Sydney. I jumped on the ferry from Pyrmont across the harbour, explored beautiful Shelly Beach and indulged in tasty food at a local cafe. The weather was perfect and it was one of the most refreshing days I’ve had in a while.


Manly Beach


What’s top of your bucket list?


I would love to travel to Geneva in Switzerland to attend Watches & Wonders, the world’s largest showcase of the history and art of watchmaking. As a fine timepiece aficionado, it’s always been a goal of mine to attend.


What’s your favourite way to get around?


Walking. I’m not the biggest fan of walking in my everyday life but when I travel, I love walking and exploring. Wherever the footpath takes me!


How many languages do you speak?


I speak two languages, Korean and English. I was born in Gwangju, South Korea and spent my early childhood in Korea. My family then migrated over to Australia and settled down in Canberra, which is where I went to school.


Gwangju, South Korea


What do you love most about Sydney?


Sydney has it all! It offers a great mix of everything you could want in a destination: a bustling city, diverse dining scene, beautiful beaches and abundance of nice hotels (like Aiden Darling Harbour, of course!).


What’s the best way to spend a sunny day in Sydney?


Sunny days were made for exploring Sydney and its beauties, like endless beaches, parks and dining options at every turn. When the weather is great, that’s when Sydney really puts on a show. 


Sunny walks along Sydney Harbour.

And a rainy one?


On rainy days, I keep it classic, tucked up in bed with Netflix and Youtube. 


What’s your beverage of choice?


I love a cold brew during the day, and whatever suits the occasion at night.


What’s your go-to for breakfast? 


I love a good eggs benedict and a cold brew to get my day started.


Where will we find you on a typical day in the hotel?


There’s never a dull moment working in a hotel. One day I’ll be running reports from my office and the next day I’m conducting inspections in (vacant) guest rooms. I love the variety that comes with my role and making sure everything is in place for our guests’ arrival.


What’s your insider’s tip about getting the most out of a stay at Aiden Darling Harbour?


Use the hotel as a basecamp to explore the wonders of Sydney. I would have to say my favourite rooms are our City View Rooms. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of Darling Harbour, both day and night.



If you have any other questions for Luther, don’t hesitate to reach out to him at

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